Who Are We?

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LMW is a photography and filmmaking brand, owned by Luke & Mandy Woodford.

Luke & Mandy are an internationally renowned, married, creative team with 20 years experience in the industry. Their Fine Art imagery sells to luxury interior designers and private collectors all across the world. They have a photographic art book in stores across the UK and represent top brands, such as Sony, at industry events and photographic workshops.

Luke & Mandy have shot approximately 300 weddings across the UK and Europe, including Italy, France, Iceland, Malta, Cyprus, Wales and England. The House Of Commons, Eltham Palace, Lumley Castle, Kew Gardens and The Dorchester are just some of the prestigious venues that have served as backdrops for their couples special days.

In 2017, Luke & Mandy brought the incredibly talented Callum Arnold, brother to Mandy, into the family business. He quickly became a valuable asset photographing and filming weddings with them.

The team have a style that is artistically timeless, atmospheric and full of soul. They adore capturing raw and uncut moments in time, that live for generations to come.

If you would like to have a chat about the magic that Luke & Mandy can create on your wedding day, simply get in touch today.